Private SanJose Cloud


Jump-start your eLearning program with SanJose Systems Cloud
Universities, colleges and school districts already use SanJose CMS to create engaging, interactive learning content to enhance their online learning programs. Your organization also can create, collect, manage and share your eLearning content in your own cloud-based learning object repository.

Custom branded for your institution
Your Private Cloud is completely customizable to fit your needs and to work seamlessly with your brand so it’s unique to your Organization. Your site will be branded with your logo, color scheme, imagery and descriptive information.

Create your own content―your way
Our SJS Create content authoring solution makes rapid content development a breeze, allowing educators of all technology levels to easily create, customize and personalize their eLearning content. Empowering educators to create their own eLearning content, which incorporates embedded assessment, interactivity, and immediate student feedback, will increase student engagement and improve student learning outcomes at your institution. your institution will have access to game-changing features such as, SanJose eBook Builder thousands of online resources with our updated Media Search tool, enhanced accessibility features, and more!

Dynamic Learning Object Repository
With Private Cloud, authorized instructors can collect, manage and share content in a learning object repository (LOR) unique to your institution. In your LOR, the content author, their colleagues, specific groups or the entire institution can share, reuse and repurpose the content using workgroup features that support true team-based development.

Hosted Styles
Residing on your Private Cloud server, hosted styles make it easy for your institution to globally update your styles. When you need to modify a style, you make the change in the style sheet on the server and all of the lessons using that style are updated simultaneously. Because your CSS style sheets are hosted on SJS Cloud, they are easily available to everyone in your institution. Hosted Styles also allow you to control which styles are available for use within your institution.

Your content and your users under YOUR control
Your institution has administrative rights to your Private SJS Cloud. Administrators can manage users via password resets and “permission groups” with varied rights and space allocation that can be modified for each group. They also have the ability to view the site as a specific user to troubleshoot user issues, monitor feedback received through the site, view site usage statistics, and control user account creation for the site.

Secure, Scalable Cloud-based Solution
Implementing a Private SJS Cloud will relieve your institution from having to purchase, setup, install and maintain local hardware and software, making it very cost-effective. Private Clouds are built on web services platform, making them highly reliable and scalable while allowing for tremendous flexibility, security and availability. Because the platform is distributed and load balanced, the chance of service outages is very low. This allows us to scale our service to handle growth and traffic to keep your platform running smoothly.

Integrates easily with your LMS Each content item in your Private Cloud can link into multiple courses in multiple LMSs, and track student scores directly into multiple LMS gradebooks. When content changes, you just update it once, in the Cloud, and every course in every LMS that uses the content is updated simultaneously. This “create once, use everywhere” approach provides an efficient and cost-effective solution for developing your eLearning curriculum and is one of the key reasons institutions are implementing Private Clouds. Storing your content in the ‘Cloud’ eliminates the need to migrate or re-create content if your institution needs to move from one LMS to another.

Up and running in a few weeks
Your Private Cloudsolution implementation includes site setup and branding, migration of content from existing platform to the Private Cloud site and Cloud administrative training for staff members. Setup and implementation of your Private Cloud can typically be completed within 4-6 weeks of a finalized agreement.

Learn more?
Contact us to learn how a Private Cloudimplementation can help your institution quickly and efficiently develop and deliver a state-of-the-art eLearning programs that engages students and result in improved student learning.

How much does it cost to build and maintain a Private SoftChalk Cloud?
Pricing for a Private Cloud is based on a one-time implementation fee and an annual subscription fee. The Private Cloud annual subscription fee is based on the number of content authors (typically faculty FTE) and content “users” (typically students as represented by your student body FTE).

What does the annual subscription fee include?
The annual subscription fee includes: 2Gb of storage space per faculty FTE; Cloud hosting services, maintenance and backup; Score Center Learning Outcomes Tracking; administrative and faculty training; and support services. Additional storage can be allocated with addition of a fee

SanJose Cloud Services ( Main)

Benefit from scalable cloud hosting for on-demand access to your applications.

Move your applications to a production-ready cloud-computing environment with SanJoseCloud Services. It’s the cloud hosting solution that lets you run all SanJose Systems applications in a scalable, on-demand, and affordable solution. Whether you’re looking to leverage the cloud for operational efficiency, cost savings, or business continuity, SJS has a solution to ensure your success.

Reap the rewards of business continuity and high availability designed for higher education.

SanJose Cloud Services works with top-tier commercial data centers to provide world-class colocation facilities that meet, at a minimum, N+1 redundancy standards, to satisfy your rigorous business continuity and disaster recovery requirements. It’s reliable. With it, you get the highest levels of 24x7 hands-on customer service from our certified engineers and technicians working from automated Network Operations Centers (NOCs). It’s secure. Our co-lo data centers are SSAE-16 compliant and offer 24x7 client access and best-in-class physical and electronic security. These facilities feature uninterruptible power supply, state-of-the-art environmental and fire detection and suppression systems, and totally redundant, carrier-neutral fiber networks. We use Tier 3 and Tier 4 data centers with industry-standard uptime. It’s flexible. Our hosting services work for higher education institutions of all sizes—and they protect you fully from the risks of downtime or disaster.

It's the cloud hosting solution that offers:

Off-site disaster recovery: SanJose virtual servers are provisioned off-campus in a commercial network center protecting your systems and data in case of an emergency on campus.

Scalability: SanJose virtual servers easily scale as needed to meet demand spikes such as online registration periods, or as the organization grows in size and number of students.

Simplicity: SanJose virtual servers are regularly replaced, so you don’t have to worry about buying new hardware in the future.

Worry-free backups and off-site storage: Database and server backups are provided, with storage off-campus at the network center or at multiple network centers.

Security: SanJose virtual servers can be accessed securely from the campus, from multiple campuses, or from home or the road, to keep employees and students productive regardless of weather or disasters.

High availability: SJS virtual servers offer industry-standard Tier 3 or Tier 4 uptime, meeting student and staff demands for access.

24x7x365 monitoring and management: Monitoring of the virtual environment is provided all day, every day, to make sure your SJS servers are operational day and night.

SanJose CMS Cloud

SanJose CMS Cloud is the fastest, easiest, most flexible way to create and manage eLearning content for delivery inside or outside of a LMS. Educators can create engaging, interactive, media-rich learning content that directly integrates with any LMS or website.

Who is it for?

SanJose CMS Cloud is designed for educators, instructional designers and students who need an easy way to create engaging, media-rich learning content that is portable and flexible.

Anytime, anywhere access. Educators can log in to SJS Cloud from their web browser, to create and modify content online.

Transition-proof content. Content created in SanJose Cloud seamlessly integrates with almost any LMS. An institution’s content can stay put, even if they switch their LMS, and a single SanJose item can be used in more than one LMS simultaneously.

SanJose CMS Share. Discover SanJose Share, SanJose’s very own learning object repository. SanJose Share provides instant access to thousands of free learning resources to share and customize. Share your eLearning content with the community, or reuse and customize learning objects to meet your individual needs.

Efficient content management. One SanJose Cloud content item can link into multiple courses in multiple LMSs, and track student score results into multiple LMS gradebooks. When content is updated, it is done once and every course is updated simultaneously.

Track student score results. SanJose Cloud allows tracking of student score results either inside or outside of the LMS gradebook. Detailed score tracking results allow educators to understand what students got right and wrong, and how long they spent on the content.

ScoreCenter works with lessons hosted on SanJose Cloud and is fully integrated into the Blackboard, Canvas and Moodle learning management systems. Score data from SanJose content goes directly into the Blackboard, Canvas and Moodle gradebooks. You can automatically record student scores in SCORM-compliant LMS gradebooks and track both lesson completion times and lesson status times for each student.

What sort of account do I need?

SanJose Cloud requires a subscription account. Find out pricing details and sign up for a free 30-day trial today! Every SanJose Cloud subscription comes with SanJose Create, the award winning content authoring tool, making it easier than ever to create, share, deliver and track engaging eLearning content. With SanJose Create in the Cloud, you can create amazing, interactive content with no programming skills. With SanJose Create in the cloud, creating your own content comes with endless possibilities!

SanJose content is always interactive and engaging!

Self-Check activities. Use “QuizPoppers” and “Quiz Groups” to add comprehension questions to your lesson. QuizPopper questions can be added anywhere to allow the student to test their understanding of the lesson material. Seven types of questions are available: true/false, multiple choice, multiple answer, short answer, matching, ordering and essay. Students receive immediate feedback after answering questions

Text annotation. Use “TextPoppers” to define terms, provide related information to the student, or as an interactive question and response activity. Creating TextPoppers in your lessons is quick and easy.

Activities and games. Give your learners a rich, interactive experience by adding activities to your lesson. Choose from over 20 different learning activities (Charts, Crossword Puzzle, DidYouKnow, DragNDrop, FlashCard, HotSpot, Jigsaw Puzzle, Labeling, Ordering, Photo Album, Seek A Word, Slide Show, Sorting, Tabbed Info and Timeline.) All learning activities are HTML5 based and designed for mobile devices.

Images, audio, video and media. It’s easy to embed images, audio, video and other media and create media links within your lesson. SanJose Create supports virtually all image and media types, including gif, jpg, png, wav, au, mp3, mpr, aiff, ram, avi, mov, mpg as well as PowerPoint, Word, Flash and Shockwave files. You can also embed any web page or pdf file into your lesson using the iFrame tool.

Widgets. Widgets enrich your lessons with functionality, useful information, and can be a great resource for lesson content. You can find educational web widgets online and easily insert them into your lesson.

No coding skills are required to build engaging, media rich content!

Easy-to-use interface. SanJose Create opens with a blank document displayed. Simply click your cursor in the editing window and begin typing—just as if you were using your favorite word processing program. You can also copy and paste formatted text from Microsoft® Word, html documents, web pages, or other content authoring tools into SanJose Create, and the formatting is preserved!

Media search tool. The Media Search tool allows you to create your own, personal media collection with thousands of media resources available to you at the click of the mouse. You can perform keyword searches across multiple media repositories at one time to locate images, videos, audio, text, animations and more to support your lesson content. Learn more about the Media Repositories available within SanJoseCreate’s Media Search tool.

SanJose content is now more accessible than ever!

Standards compliant content. When you use SanJose Create to create content, you can be certain it complies with accessibility and eLearning standards, which ensures that your content is accessible to all learners and is compatible with most eLearning delivery systems. Learn more about our… Accessibility Standards Compliance New Accessibility Features with Create 9 eLearning Standards Compliance Foreign languages. Reach a wide audience by customizing your content for one of 12 built-in languages.

Metadata. SanJose makes it easy for you to add metadata for your content. Metadata categories include Subjects, Education Levels, Keywords/Details, State Curriculum Standards and Accessibility. SanJose Create is the first Common Cartridge specification v1.2 conforming application, which allows curriculum standards alignment at the cartridge, resource and assessment question.

SmartMobile. A mobile-friendly version of your learning content is automatically generated each time you create with SanJose Create. The learner’s device is automatically detected and the appropriate version is delivered to their smart phone, tablet or computer.

SanJose Share


SanJose Share is an Education Resource, learning object repository with thousands of free learning materials, created by educators.

• Instant Access. SanJose Share gives you instant access to thousands of free eLearning resources, anywhere at any time. Discover learning objects educators have created using SanJose Share that are available for you to use in your courses.

• Link and Embed content. You can embed or link SanJose learning objects in web pages or your learning management system under Creative Commons licensing.

• Advanced Search. With the Advanced Search feature, you can search for specific types of learning objects, by subject, grade-level, or content type. You can also browse the highest rated content or content that has been recently shared among the educational community.

• Creative Commons. SanJose Cloud content is protected under creative common licensingwhich enables the free sharing and use of learning objects.

With a SanJose Cloud Subscription, the possibilities are endless! You can gain access to other exclusive features of the SanJose Share repository.

• Customize and personalize. With a SanJose Cloud subscription, you not only have the ability to use other educator’s content, but can also copy, modify and re-purpose the shared content.

• Give and receive feedback. With a SanJose Cloud subscription, you can rate and comment on learning objects allowing content authors to receive useful feedback on content they’ve shared. Whether you are using existing content or sharing original learning objects, you can learn from your colleagues and peers who are viewing the material.

• Contribute to the educational community. Save your SanJose Cloud lessons publicly to share your learning objects with the worldwide educational community.

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