Enterprise Planning: Managing Performance
Companies that take advantage of SANJOSE expertise in implementing easy to use planning, budgeting and forecasting solutions take the first step towards true performance management, because performance management starts with planning. Our solutions enable you to create, compare, and evaluate business scenarios, conditions, drivers and assumptions, and to build consistent, interconnected business models for organizations of any size.

Integration is the key
But the real power of a truly integrated planning, budgeting and forecasting solution is that it allows you to integrate operational and financial plans, access current actual data to assess fiscal performance and easily create "what-if" scenarios critical to accurate forecasting, and easily produce reports that compare actual performance against the plan. Transform student data into strategic advantage.
Better data means better decisions. SanJose Systems Analytics puts the power of actionable intelligence in your hands. Our robust solution offers a full range of options that can revolutionize the way that you manage operations and develop institutional strategy.
SanJose Systems Analytics provides configurable dashboards, alerts, reports, and analytics so you can gain the insight you need to succeed across your institution.

Ease of use/High Participation
SANJOSE planning, budgeting and forecasting solutions allow you to easily model your business without having to rely on IT, and to evaluate those models and test assumptions in minutes so that you can make informed decisions about your business. And with sophisticated features like break-back, multi-dimensional slicing and dicing, and drill-down, you can explore your data fully and efficiently.
SANJOSE Enterprise Planning solutions let organizations engage up to thousands in the planning process, collecting data from managers and staff across divisions and across geographies. Built in workflow allows reviewers to monitor workflow status-not started, in progress, or ready to review-and to easily communicate with groups or individuals. Once collected from the participants, the data is instantly aggregated so that you can instantly see the impact of new forecasts and plans.

Adopt and Adapt Painlessly
SANJOSE web-based planning, budgeting and forecasting solutions help you enhance and extend the value of current investments in ERP and operational systems such as SAP, Oracle of Siebel, and spreadsheet users can link personal models and desktop detail directly to the enterprise plan, The plan is then synchronized as spreadsheet information is changed, linking sophisticated models, reducing risk, and easing migration to an enterprise-wide standard for planning and forecasting.

Business Intelligence
Business Intelligence delivers answers to the questions such as 'Who are my best customers as well the worst customers?' 'Is the business healthy? ', 'Do we have a right mix of people?' 'Who are my best suppliers?' 'Do we deliver products on time?

"If you can' t measure it, you can' t manage it".
To be more competitive, to expand into new markets, and to improve customer service - businesses need to effectively extract, consolidate and analyze their business data in order to develop intelligent insights into their business. Thanks to the flexible and robust systems in today's corporate environments, there is no limit to the amount of data available to companies. The challenge is how best to combine all the data from all the diverse sources into a multi-dimensional "whole" and capitalize on it to drive the management insights and actionable information to improve decision making, and to achieve business goals.
SJS has all expertise needed to implement a successful Business Intelligence strategy for its clients. SJS has significant experience in the Analysis and Design of BI systems, the extraction, transformation & loading of data from across systems and the reporting and distribution of this information to the enterprise. In addition to it's own experience, SJS works with industry leaders such as Cognos, Business Objects, Micro strategy for it's BI needs and Web Methods, IBM, WRQ and See Beyond for it's integration requirements to bring best of breed solutions to it's clients.

Capabilities and Expertise
SJS has become widely recognized as one of the truly focused consulting companies that offer soup-to-nuts services for any Business Intelligence initiatives. Over the years SJS services have been used by the best and brightest of companies in the West Coast. Our range of offerings include:

Business Intelligence services
Assessment of your environment for implementing a Business Intelligence strategy.
Analysis and Design of a BI initiative.
Planning and implementing an ETL strategy for your enterprise.
Design and development of Data Warehouses and Data Marts.
Design analytic models for your organization.
Design a reporting and distribution strategy for your environment.

Enterprise Integration Services
Assessment of your environment for an integration strategy.
Design and development of integration strategies - custom or product oriented.
Implementation of integration products.
Implementation of custom integration initiatives .

Delivery Mechanisms
On site model
Off site model
Or, a combination of the above.

Domain Expertise
Logistical Systems/SCM
Market Research

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